• article 23 May

    Visualising movement data for transport planning

    Visualisation is a crucial tool in understanding and communicating data. Its use in transport planning is growing but remains a specialist activity, often reserved for higher profile projects.

  • article 1 May

    Traditional thinking won’t work

    A recent report found that a reluctance to share knowledge and data could cost the transport industry £14bn by 2015. We spoke to Johan Harrlin, CEO at ito World, a global data aggragator for transit and other Mobility as a Service…

  • article 17 January

    Ito World gives commuters the data they need and transforms it into stunning visualisations

    Public transport is a data-driven matter. People navigating complex cities —like London— often have to use several means of transport to get to their destination. Being able to rely on a stream of real-time information is key to planning their journey.

  • article 5 January

    The future of transport? Shared services built on data

    Mobility as a Service has the power to change the way we travel. Ito World CEO Johan Herrlin shares what’s driving the movement forward, from smartphones to autonomous vehicles, and the critical role that data – especially open data – can play