Case studies

  • Case studies

    Hyperloop + Ito World

    We synthesised population demographics along with drive time catchments to create state-of-the-art visuals that emphasised the advantages of Hyperloop’s vision for their first route between Chicago and Cleveland.

  • Case studies

    History of Bike Share

    Where did bike sharing begin? Who thought it up? And why? We break down the amazing history in this visualisation by the Ito World Design Lab.

  • Case studies

    America’s Busiest Bikes

    Meet America’s busiest bikes…the two-wheeled wonders that journey the furthest in four of the nation’s biggest cities. The Ito World Design Lab scoured bike share data in New York, Chicago, Washington, DC and Philadelphia in order to map the travels of the rides burning the most rubber.

  • Case studies 13 September

    Arriva UK Bus: Real-time passenger information for Google Maps

    Arriva UK Bus, part of the DB group, is one of largest bus operators in the UK. The organisation has a strong track record of using data to improve customer experience and operational efficiency.

  • Case studies 24 August

    Techstars: 10 Years of Investment

    Having seen impressive growth over the past 10 years, Techstars wanted to visualise their incredible success on a global scale, starting from their first accelerator in Boulder, Colorado, and showing the expanding network of programs across the world, bolstered with the growing accumulation of investors and startup weekend attendees.