Ito Motion

Turn your movement data into insightful,
striking visualisations.

Share your findings

Ito Motion allows you to share your insights and communicate your stories to a wide audience. Add annotations, branding and styling. Then, publish as images, video or interactive web visualisations, depending on the needs of the project.

Visualise your movement data

Ito Motion understands movement data. It identifies and categorises key fields as data is loaded, visualising them in an intuitive way with little or no input from you.

Tell your story, your way

A wealth of visual styles are included in Ito Motion. The same dataset can be visualised differently for different audiences. Whether looking at data to gain an initial understanding or presenting to a non-expert audience Ito Motion has an appropriate style.


Combine transport model results with other types of data such as emissions, noise and rich contextual data, including vector basemaps. Add titles, annotations and images to complete your story.

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