Ito Transit Data

Transit data as close to the real-life
customer experience as possible.

Real-Time Data

Our transit data covers 64
million riders around the world


Schedule data

Ito World combines sophisticated algorithms and machine learning with our team of transit professionals to deliver transit data as close to the real-life customer experience as possible, globally. Our schedule data includes:

– Physical infrastructure

– Service branding

– Routes

– Schedules

0 journeys in the UK have been improved via better schedule data.

Real-time data

We have developed the technology to transform real-time data in any format into consistent, reliable feeds using self-learning journey prognosis algorithms to deliver accurate real-time journey predictions.

– Service status

– Disruption alerts

– Cancellations

– Trip prognosis

Data extensions

Schedule and real-time data are the foundation for journey planning and MaaS apps. Ito World’s data extensions deliver additional detail and richness to your apps.

– Global, real-time bike sharing

– Fares

– Planned disruptions

– Accessibility

0% of people in Copenhagen cycle to work

Mobility as a service

Our data ensures seamless journeys across both privately run and publicly run transportation options.

0%of ride-hailing journeys start or end at a bus stop or train station


We gather, enhance, and deliver schedule and real-time data in a single aggregated feed for an entire city.


Multiple agencies,
multiple modes


Data improvements,
augmentation & predictions


single city feed

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    The future of transport? Shared services built on data

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