Announcement 29 June

Ito World launches Ito Motion: A new visualisation product for movement data


The tool’s “intuition engine” analyses datasets and produces presentation quality interactive visualisations.


14th June 2017, London – Today, Ito World, experts in enhancing and visualising complex movement data to help solve global transportation challenges, have launched Ito Motion. Ito Motion is a powerful, intuitive data visualisation product that specialises in movement data specifically traffic sensor and simulation data, public transportation data, IoT data and environmental data.


The new tool allows anyone, regardless of experience, to quickly and easily produce striking, insightful visualisations to explore, understand and present data about the movement of people and things.


Working with several partners in the transport and visualisation fields including Transport for London, Transport for Greater Manchester, the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at the University College London, The Department for Transport as well as engineering consultancies, Ito World has focused on producing a visualisation product that understands transport data.


Data is loaded into Ito Motion through a simple drag and drop interface. With in-built knowledge of files from popular traffic simulation tools, as well as support for shapefiles and csv files, the software allows insightful interactive visualisations to be created in seconds. This speed, and ease of use, combined with a wide range of visualisation styles tailored to movement data, makes Ito Motion ideally suited for use in transport planning, and a wide range of project applications among environmental and economic modellers; data scientists; project managers; and creative professionals.


Key features include:


  • A wealth of visual styles. The same dataset can be visualised differently for different audiences. Whether looking at data to gain an initial understanding or presenting findings to a non-expert audience, Ito Motion has an appropriate style for all circumstances.


  • Visualise any data. Combine transport model results with other types of data such as emissions, noise and rich contextual data, including vector basemaps. Add titles, annotations and images to complete your story.


  • Data insight capabilities. With options to combine, compare and filter datasets; clear styles for visual analytics; and the ability to drill down, view and graph the underlying values, Ito Motion allows you to draw insight from your data.


  • Easy to share. Ito Motion makes it easy to share your insights and communicate your stories to a wide audience. Add annotations, branding and styling then publish as images or video animations.


Johan Herrlin, CEO at Ito World commented on the launch:


“Visualisation is a crucial tool in understanding and communicating data. Its use in transport planning is growing but remains a specialist activity, often reserved for higher profile projects. While the types of visualisations used in these projects can be created through a combination of existing tools, this can be time consuming, cumbersome and may require the outsourcing of production to another team or outside agency. Now, with Ito Motion, there’s a single tool which allows anyone to quickly and easily analyse sensor data, calibrate and validate models, examine model results and communicate findings to both technical and non-technical audiences.“


Herrlin continued: “The development team behind Motion combines Academy Award-winning innovation and design expertise with experts from the fast-evolving transit and mobility space. This first release of the product, will transform the visualisation of transport data. Our ultimate aim with Ito Motion is to make visualising movement data as easy as creating a film on iMovie, and with the launch today we’ve taken a huge step in that direction.”