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Showing inland navigation information from OpenStreetMap.

Tagging logic

  • Large vessels including commercial Eurovessels are coded using cemt=* values of IV, Va, Vb, V1a, V1b, V1c, VII. Also deep_draft=*
  • Motorboats allowed, (motorboat=yes/permissive/designated).
  • Non-powered boats using boat=yes/permissive/designated with motorboat=no
  • No craft allowed (boat=no).
  • Rivers without any relevant tags are marked as unknown.

It is assumed that streams are not navigable.


Based on information currently available in OpenStreetMap which very much 'work-in-progress' in many parts of the world.


  •   Larger vessels
  •   Smaller vessels (inc ship=yes)
  •   Motorboats
  •   Electric boats
  •   Non-motorised boats
  •   Whitewater craft only
  •   No craft allowed
  •   No information available
  •   Non-specific vessels