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Common values of tracktype=* and surface=* in OpenStreetMap .


This map is mainly useful for OpenStreetMap contributors who want to ensure that surfaces are correctly tagged in an area, with an emphasis on non-motorised routes.

  • paved etc = surface values of: paved, paving_stones, concrete, asphalt, sealed, tarmac
  • dirt, grass etc = surface values of: cobblestone, compacted, dirt, grass, gravel, ground, pebblestone, sand, unpaved


  •   path..., grave 1, surface=paved etc
  •   road..., surface=paved etc
  •   Grade 2
  •   surface=compacted
  •   Grade 3
  •   Grade 4
  •   Grade 5
  •   surface=dirt, grass etc
  •   highway=unsurfaced — no other tag
  •   Other
  •   Not specified

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