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Showing the railway electrification system for passenger railways, colour-coded by voltage and system based on information in OpenStreetMap . Coloured lines are used for electrified lines (see key for details) and grey lines are used for non-electrified lines; black lines indicate there there is no information about electrification for the line.


To show information about the world's railway electrification systems for the passenger railway network. Also to assist OpenStreetMap mappers when adding and correcting information. Typically a correctly tagged line with be tagged with electrified=no, electrified=contact_line (for overhead lines) or electrified=rail (for 3rd of 4rd rail systems). In addition the voltage=* tag and possibly also the frequency=* tag define the operating voltage. frequency=0 is used for DC systems.

The following lines are excluded: Freight lines usage=industrial / freight=*, tourist lines usage=tourism or tourism=*, service lines service=siding / yard / spur and ones without passengers: passenger=no


Railway electrification

Overhead lines

  •   20kv, 25kv or 50kv AC
  •   12kv, 12.5kv, 15kv AC
  •   1.125kv, 6.5kv, 6.6kv 11kv AC
  •   1.8kv, 3kv DC
  •   1kv, 1.2, 1.25, 1.3, 1.5kv DC
  •   570, 600, 750v DC
  •   No voltage provided

3rd or 4th rail

  •   550-1000v DC
  •   No voltage provided


  •   Not electrified
  •   Electrified, but no details
  •   No information provided
  •   Administrative boundary

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