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Building information in OpenStreetMap colour-coded as to whether they have addresses or names associated or do not have an address.


This map is mainly useful to OpenStreetMap contributors who want to ensure that they collect addresses for all buildings in an area. Buildings of type garage, hospital and school are currently excluded.

Buildings with tag name=* are indicated as named, =* as 'numbered' and those without either as 'unaddressed'.

Buildings with =* are displayed as 'address range'


Garages, warehouses, hospitals and schools are not included at present (tagged using building=garage/ garages/ hospital/ school).

The map doesn't currently show buildings where the address information is provided by a node, for example on building=entrance or as a discrete address node. As these are valid tagging methods, the map will be updated to include them in the near future.


  •   Building with house number
  •   Named building
  •   Building without address information
  •   Address range