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Haven Gateway Partnership

“We showed the Secretary of State the Ito data visualisation and within minutes of the meeting starting he said ‘I get it - how can I help?’ We spent the rest of the meeting discussing next steps - a tremendous result.”

George Kieffer – Vice Chair, South East Local Enterprise Partnership

We created a high-end, bespoke data visualisation to help the Haven Gateway Partnership bring the business case for a better-connected A120 to life, to communicate complex transport infrastructure to local and national stakeholders.

The Challenge

The Haven Gateway Partnership, a private/public partnership spanning North Essex and South Suffolk, was established to promote the area as a distinct economic sub-region and to help drive economic growth, supporting the New Anglia and South East Local Enterprise Partnerships.

As the key route linking Stansted Airport to Harwich International Port, the A120 has the potential to deliver exciting economic opportunities to this region. The Haven Gateway Partnership is campaigning to ensure that the needs of the A120 are fully reflected in the ongoing review by Highways England of all the trunk roads in the country. Many sections of the road are high risk and journey reliability is poor.

They needed a visually appealing way of communicating complex data in an impactful way that could not only be engaged with but easily understood by local and national politicians.

Haven Gateway Data Visualisation

The Solution

Our award-winning visualisation experts reviewed the underlying data and proposed a number of stories that could communicate the exciting economic benefits of an improved A120, such as enlarging labour market catchments, better traffic flow, improved road safety and growth areas along the route.

We created an eye-¬catching, short animation that brings together different data sets, allowing viewers to quickly and intuitively see future model of improved traffic flows and journey reliability. Our collaborative approach ensured that visualisation engaged and met the needs of the Haven Gateway Partnership’s key local and national stakeholders, helping them to influence the decision making process.

The Result

  • The complex data illustrating the economic benefits of a better-connected A120 were brought to life in an impactful short animation.
  • The visualisation was a key asset in Haven Gateway Partnership’s campaign gaining business support and engaging local and national politicians in the campaign.
  • The visualisation, hosted on the campaign’s website was first shown at a meeting of 130 representatives from business, government and other organisations. The video was very well received and was covered by local media.
  • The success of this initial meeting secured a 25-minute slot with the Secretary of State for Transport.
  • The ability of our animation to let key decision makers quickly and intuitively see the business case for an improved A120 played a major role in the meeting with the Secretary of State for Transport.
Haven Gateway Data Visualisation