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Visualisation Demonstrates Population Dynamics & Insights

The Challenge

Our award-winning data visualisation techniques helped traffic and transport information specialists INRIX, to successfully launch its new Population Analytics platform to potential customers and data providers.

INRIX’s Population Analytics platform works with large, complex datasets, integrating anonymised and aggregated mobile phone network data with INRIX’s network of GPS, road sensor and connected car data sets. The challenge was to find a compelling way to communicate the insights the platform can generate from these complex datasets, so that new customers, data partners and relevant media could instantly understand the potential applications of this product.

The Solution

Working with INRIX, we created an impactful visualisation that brought to life dynamic population and movement data captured by the platform, and insights gained from its analytics.

Our innovative visualisation approach is based on computer¬ generated imagery technology from the film and gaming industries. The core technology (including GPU processing and in¬-memory databases) allows huge datasets to be manipulated and displayed fluidly and over time. Our proprietary visualisation tools enable us to manipulate a ‘virtual camera’, moving in 3D to explore the data.

Using INRIX’s data, we created a 3D video revealing fascinating insights into population movements during London’s New Year’s Eve celebrations, clearly demonstrating how the data could be used to inform policing, crowd control and traffic management.

The Result

  • Our visualisation was used by INRIX as a case study demonstration of the platform’s capabilities with new customers and data providers.
  • It was a key asset in the launch marketing and PR campaigns, and on web and social media channels.
  • The visualisation was featured at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona.
  • It contributed to a successful launch for the Population Analytics platform and as a result INRIX have since asked us to work on a number of other promotional and product launch projects.
  • INRIX have since asked us to work on a number of other promotional and product launch projects.
INRIX data visualisation