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We transform complex data into striking visualisations. Share new insights. Communicate your stories. Amplify your message. Download our brochure here.

data visualisation

Put simply, we tell stories with data. We create compelling, creative and inspirational visualisations that bring complex data to life.

Our data visualisations are used by transport professionals, modellers, and city planners for:

  • Transport scheme appraisals: to explain issues and solutions to non-technical audiences such as ministers and the general public. Improving business engagement and transparency.
  • Presentation of different data types in a common visual language. Results can be show to stakeholders in a visually engaging way.
  • Promotion to help explain new data products and services.

We help our clients to communicate with customers and stakeholders, make information more accessible and strengthen influence by communicating complex information and insights in an engaging way. We combine expertise in advanced visualisation techniques (drawn from the worlds of film and gaming), with expertise in data generated by the movement of people and the ‘internet of moving things.’ Our visualisation specialists will work with you to find the most effective way to clarify complexity and communicate your message.

World leaders in data visualisation

Our unique approach and advanced visualisation tools draw on skills and technology from the film and gaming industries. We work with you to analyse your data and decide on the imagery that will most effectively convey your message to the audience you want to reach.

Outputs can be in the form of high­ quality video and still images, which can be easily shared via the web and social media or included in published reports, bid documents and white papers.

data visualisation
data visualisation

Data visualisation in action

Our visualisations have helped our clients to communicate complex messages and insights, launch new products, improve transparency and engagement during public consultations and to win support for campaigns:


Movement data expertise

Experts in complex movement data, we can bring together any combination of historical, simulated and real­time data sets. We can work with your data, or recommend additional Open Data sets if required.

Contact us to discuss how our Data Visualisation Service can tell your story, support your transport scheme appraisal process and clearly promote your message.

data visualisation