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Coming soon, our powerful, intuitive data visualisation product, Ito Motion, hugely simplifies the creation of high quality interactive data visualisations. Motion allows anyone to quickly and easily produce striking, insightful visualisations to explore, understand and present data about the movement of people and things.

Quick data analysis, insight and validation

Combine datasets to create striking visualisations

Communicate your data story

Understands Data

Ito Motion understands movement data, making it simple to load, combine and view different data such as GPS traces, transport model outputs, traffic, environmental and sensor data. Key fields are identified as the data is loaded and then visualised in an intuitive way, requiring little or no input from you.

visualisation product

Range of Visual Styles

A wealth of visual styles are included in Ito Motion. The same dataset can be visualised differently for different audiences. Whether looking at data to gain an initial understanding or presenting findings to a non-expert audience Motion has an appropriate style.

Data Analysis

With options to combine, compare and filter datasets; clear styles for visual analytics; and the ability to drill down, view and graph the underlying values, Ito Motion allows you to draw insight from your data.

Data visualisation

Communicate Findings

Ito Motion makes it easy to share your insights and communicate your stories to a wide audience. Add annotations, branding and styling then publish as images, video or interactive web visualisations.

Currently in development, Ito Motion is being trialled by a select group of partners. Contact us to keep up­-to­-date with progress or to find out more.