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Our simple yet powerful tools help to improve the quality of Open Data.

Open data

Our simple yet powerful data tools help everyone working with open data to improve data quality.

We offer:

  • Public Transport Data Tools – tailored to the professional transport community
  • OpenStreetMap Tools – for anyone interested in improving data in OpenStreetMap

As one of the early advocates and pioneers of open data development and specialists in this area, we have a mission to help make transport more intelligent and cities smarter.

We are active supporters of the open data movement. Our expertise, specialised tools and relationship with the ‘open data community’ allow us to access and improve the availability, coverage, depth and quality of the data, relevant to our products and our clients needs.

Public Transport Data Tools for professional users

Our simple data tools support the professional transport community by helping them to improve the quality of their own data.

Transport datasets can be large and difficult to manage. Our tools help data owners to explore and identify problems within their datasets using a range of simple data visualisation reports. Our public transport data tools are used by professionals across the sector, including within local authorities, the Department for Transport and Transport Focus.

Open data
Open data


NaPTAN is a service to manage Great Britain’s National Public Transport Access Node database; a record of every stop and station location.

With Ito’s simple to use tool, 36 individual error tests are visualised and reported to improve the quality of stop infrastructure data.

NaPTAN Management is a registration-based service free to all NaPTAN Data Administrators and is provided courtesy of the Department for Transport and Traveline.

Ito Quality

Ito Quality provides powerful visualisation and automatic error detection for public transport schedule data.

To achieve this we have made 22 individual error tests available. These tests identify common problems within schedule data. Users investigate the error reports using mapping and data browsers.

Ito Quality is available to data owners on request.

Open data

OpenStreetMap Tools

Ito World has always been a strong supporter of OpenStreetMap, the leading open-source project that provides an editable map of the world.

OpenStreetMap is like the Wikipedia of maps. OSM is also more than a map, functioning as a data repository; users can collect and store almost any information that relates to the physical and built environment.

OpenStreetMap is built by 1.5 million volunteer contributors who use a combination of satellite imagery, photos, GPS traces and local knowledge to continually expand and enhance this free resource.

We support the OSM community with the provision of basic, but functional tools to assist the continuing development of this valuable data resource.

Our OpenStreetMap tools lets users dive into the data by creating custom views of OSM, monitoring changes in their territory, and evaluating map quality and completeness with helpful metrics.

If you are an OSM volunteer you are welcome to access these tools for free. To gain access please log in and complete the straightforward registration process.

OSM Mapper

OSM Mapper has been designed to help the OpenStreetMap community to monitor edits and changes across defined geographical areas. Providing global coverage, OSM Mapper allows both the mapping professional and OSM user community to moderate contributions in their local area.

To ensure that the data is as useful as possible we update OSM Mapper weekly from the OpenStreetMap feed

Subscribe – registered Ito users can subscribe to the product here.

Register – new users can sign up here (sign up is free).

OSM Mapper users who already subscribe to OSM Mapper can use it after logging in here.

Open data
Open data

OSM Analysis

OSM Analysis compares OpenStreetMap road data for Great Britain to the Ordnance Survey’s OS Locator data. This is used to calculate the percentage of missing roads as a metric to gauge the completeness of the road mapping in each administrative area.

OSM Analysis allows users to:

  • view statistics on each area to gauge which may have problems
  • view differences directly in the OpenStreetMap editors Potlatch and JOSM to allow fast improvement of the data
  • view a colour-coded summary of the UK and how complete the road mapping is.

OSM Analysis users who already are subscribed to OSM Mapper can use it after logging in.