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Better public transport information, for everyone

We provide high quality, schedule and real-time public transit data that is comprehensive, enhanced and accurate. Our data powers leading journey planning and navigation applications, and underpins urban mobility solutions used by millions of travellers. Learn more about how we deliver transit data with our new Methodology White Paper.

Public Transport Data

Global coverage

Ito Transit Data provides comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate public transit data feeds for cities across the world. With our growing global coverage, we are one step closer to providing better public transit information for everyone. If you would like to know more about which territories we cover or to discuss becoming one of our data partners please contact us to find out more.

Visit our case studies to learn more about how our clients and data partners have benefited from using Ito Transit Data.

Public Transport Data

Data you can trust

Our extensive sector expertise, proprietary data management platform and close partnerships with transit data providers, let us transform open data into high quality public transit data feeds.

Reliable and accurate real­-time data

We cut out the time, cost and pain of sourcing high ­quality schedule and public transit data from a multitude of data providers. We supply quality ­controlled, schedule and real­-time data, that is ‘application ready.’ Reliable and accurate, our data enhances the experience of your customers.

Public Transit Data
Public Transport Data

The data you need, in one feed

We use our expertise in handling complex transport data and our close partnerships with a broad network of transport operators, transport authorities and open data providers internationally, to deliver a unified, single source of data across all modes, in the best format for you.

Big data, complex challenges

More public transit data is available than ever before, but open data brings complex challenges. Data may be out of date, inaccurate, in different silos and in a range of different formats. Journey planning and navigation application providers tell us that their customer experience suffers as a direct result of inaccurate information created from poorly managed data.