High quality passenger information is essential to maintain and increase the patronage of sustainable transport. However, producing publicity materials is often a time-consuming and inefficient exercise.

ITO Go makes it simple to publish engaging materials using a comprehensive online solution for sustainable transport information, across all formats — print, web and mobile.

Unlike other products, ITO Go provides the exact look and feel you need. Our digital expertise means we can replicate any template and automate the production, removing laborious manual intervention and allowing you to publish in a timely manner with an efficient management process.

Product features

Mix and match the features below to start producing excellent publicity material.

Stop maps

Display the stop locations on a local area map. The stop locations will be intelligently positioned for the specific map.

Line diagrams

Line diagrams clearly display the route and include locality information. Where space is tight, the diagram can include just the localities.


Timetables can be produced for each route on the roadside. A number of formats are available and can be matched to your style.

Destination finders

A list of routes available to reach each destination. Can also include local points of interest.

Clear presentation

Carefully designed templates that present your information clearly and elegantly.

Note handling

Notes can be extracted from your data as well as derived from it.


Customisable displays that replicate your organisation's colour scheme, fonts and artwork.

QR codes

Use QR codes to link the printed information to live online departure pages.

Destination maps

Clear destination maps outlining service routes.

Route finder

Comprehensive route information to guide passengers to the relevant bus stop.

Rich mapping

Rich mapping content including cycle and pedestrian information.

Online content

Travel plan functionality can be embedded into your website making all information available at the click of a button.

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You can view high resolution print-quality PDF versions by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Lismore Street

A fully chronological list of departures from two bus stops opposite each other, including a local area map.

York Railway Station

Destination based departure finder for all bus stops in the area surrounding York Railway Station. Useful for busy transport hubs with many stops.

St Peter's Hospital

A travel plan for St Peter's Hospital showing the reachable destinations and their relevant services. Also includes a QR code for passengers with smartphones.

Steam Museum

A busy travel plan with two maps, one showing the stop area, the other showing a more zoomed out route map.

Grangemouth Refinery

A similar layout, but with less services.

The Green

A roadside poster with departure times listed through their destinations, and travel times to reach those destinations included for each. Useful for more rural areas where local knowledge is important.

Phone us on +44 (0)1473 272 225 or email us at sales@itoworld.com