OpenStreetMap is redefining how maps are made. It has a fast-growing, diverse community of contributors collaborating to create a wiki map of the world. OSM is rapidly growing and evolving into the leading base map with a depth of data that is otherwise unavailable including footpaths, cycle paths, and points of interest.

ITO OpenStreetMap tools let you dive into the data by creating custom views of OSM, monitoring changes in your territory, and evaluating map quality and completeness with authoritative metrics.

Dive into the data

Professional tools

NaPTAN Management

The NaPTAN Management is a service to manage the GB National Public Transport Access Node database, a record of every stop or station location.

36 individual error tests are visualised and reported, to improve the quality of stop infrastructure data.

NaPTAN Management is a registration-based service free to all NaPTAN Data Administrators and is provided courtesy of Traveline.

ITO Quality UK

ITO Quality provides powerful visualisation and automatic error detection for transport schedule data.

ITO have made 22 individual error tests available that identify common problems with schedule data. Users investigate the error reports using mapping and data browsers.

ITO Quality is freely available throughout the UK, courtesy of Traveline, and in other regions by request.

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