OSM Analysis compares OpenStreetMap data to the Ordnance Survey's OS Locator data.

This is used to calculate the percentage of missing roads, which is used as a metric to gauge the completeness of the road mapping in each local authority and London Borough.

Since OSM can, and does, go into greater levels of detail including footpaths, cycle lanes and green spaces, which other maps do not usually include, a high score here does not mean that OSM is complete in that area, though low and high scores do tend to correlate to how complete OSM is in that region.

As part of OSM Analysis, ITO also provide OS Locator tiles to be used directly in the Potlatch, JOSM and other OSM editing tools. Since OS Locator is a UK dataset these tools only provide coverage for the UK region.


Data analysis

Analyse differences between OSM and OS Locator and update as neccessary.


View statistics on each area to gauge which may have problems.

Potlatch & JOSM editing

View differences directly in the OpenStreetMap editors Potlatch and JOSM to allow fast improvement of the data.

Area summary

View a colour-coded summary of the UK and how complete the road mapping is.

Use OSM analysis OSM analysis is a free service that we provide to help improve OpenStreetMap data.