About Ito

A trusted source of innovative transit intelligence

We are always innovating and enhancing our products and solutions to make public transportation more sustainable. Ito has been solving transportation challenges across the globe for millions of travellers every day since 2006. Our software solutions offer precise, comprehensive and consistent data to assist with planning and decision making, resulting in more dependable services. Our intelligence is used by transit policymakers, journey planners, operators and service providers for the seamless functioning of public transit and shared multimodal mobility systems worldwide.

Like our customers, we believe that public transit should be safe, efficient, sustainable and equitable. Together, we’re using data to make this vision a reality.​

Our mission

Shared and sustainable transit for all.

Our vision

Transforming transit networks and passenger experience through unique, world-class transit intelligence.

Unlock new possibilities with our talent and technology

Experience the advantage of expert minds, advanced technology and streamlined processes at work. Benefit from our expertise in areas like geospatial data science and analytics, governance and integration. Our technology has proven to handle vast and varied global transit data and keeps innovating to offer even more.