An introduction to Analyse Bus Open Data (ABOD)

As the technology partner for Analyse Bus Open Data (ABOD), the Ito team joined RTIG on the ‘Introduction to ABOD for authorities and operators’ webinar to talk through the features and provide a demo of the functionality.ย 

Analyse Bus Open Data (ABOD) is an extension service to the Bus Open Data Service (BODS), that provides free-to-access reporting and analytics to operators and authorities nationally.

The service provides:

  • dashboard overview
  • feed monitoring
  • on-time performance analyses
  • vehicle journey analysis
  • corridor reporting

ABOD is part of the UK Department for Transport (DfT)โ€™s ongoing investment in bus services, and supports the National Bus Strategy, by helping government, local authorities, and bus operators to:

  • perform existing bus data analysis in faster and easier ways
  • produce more accurate and detailed performance analysis reports
  • improve on collaboration between different organisations
  • identify network improvement opportunities
  • inform transport policy and compliance monitoring across the industry

RTIG is supporting the UK DfT by promoting the service to ensure operators and authorities know about the service and how they can use it.

Watch the replay to find out more.

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