An Introduction to the Bus Open Data Service (BODS)

Ito World has been working with the Department for Transport and KPMG on the Bus Open Data Service (BODS) since 2018. Following the successful launch of BODS in 2019, the service continues to evolve – most recently with the addition of an extension Analyse Bus Open Data (ABOD) service launched in 2020.

A world-leading transit data service

The Bus Open Data Service (BODS) is an international first – national bus timetables, fares, and live vehicle locations are all being provided from one open-access, open-source platform. The Department for Transport set the wheels in motion in 2017 with the introduction of legislation requiring these data be published by operators to the service, in order to improve services and passenger satisfaction. Earlier this year they also released a National Bus Strategy, further underlining their ambitions.

Standardised, accurate, timely data to power passenger-centric apps

Consumers know exactly what to expect with BODS. All BODS data conforms to specified standards to ensure consistency. Built-in validation within the BODS service prevents non-compliant data from being published, and Ito World managed services perform sophisticated quality checks, notifying operators of suspected inaccuracies. Source data from operators is also converted to developer-friendly GTFS format, and harmonised for the whole of Great Britain. All data is available by bulk download and via an API.

Key numbers:
250+ operators’ timetable and fares data
18,000+ buses’ live location data, updated every 5-30 seconds

Data that is greater than the sum of its parts

We are using BODS data plus Ito World tech to deliver the extension Analyse Bus Open Data service. This powerful tool generates rich reporting and analyses – the insights from which are helping the Department for Transport to enforce legislation, and shape future policy. Operators and authorities can also pinpoint network improvement opportunities, and measure and track efforts towards the National Bus Strategy goals such as punctuality, accessibility and emissions.

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The Ito World technology and products used in BODS are versatile, mode-agnostic, and virtually unlimited in scope and scale.

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