#BODSisBeautiful City Visualisations

The #BODSisbeautiful series of visualisations is all about making people aware of the incredible volume of data within The Bus Open Data Service (BODS). Itโ€™s also about showing how data visualisation and geo-animation can be used to help understand public transport.

This series of data-animations turn SIRI-VM feeds into beautiful, slightly abstract, depictions of mobility within city centers.

Throughout the visualisations we have evolved our style subtly to showcase the data in increasingly beautiful ways, whether that is draping the busses across 3d terrain or giving them tails to emphasise the direction of movement.

Each visualisation shows 1-2 hours of activity in the given city, the busses (spheres) increase and decrease in size with their respective start and end times, creating a smooth organic view of mobility.









Our Newcastle visualisation introduced a new concept for analysing the density of busses at any one point in the visualisation. This dynamic approach utilised illumination and colour to signify the level of bus density; brighter lights show a high level of busses in close proximity to each other whilst the darker spheres show busses that are less dense in terms of their proximity to each other.

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