Ito Data Quality Whitepaper

Transit Data Quality  Data increasingly plays a ubiquitous role in public and shared transportation, influencing everything from journey planning and ticketing to service improvement, governance and transport policy. This whitepaper aims to examine the concept of data quality in public transportation. This includes an analysis of the various types of data involved, as well as the challenges encountered in aggregating public transit […]

Transit Network Intelligence

Enhance the passenger experience with powerful network insights Identify and solve issues that affect your network and passengers. Analyse routes, journey times, speed and on-time performance issues from any period in the past. Effortlessly navigate data using our map-based interface, locate network weak spots and find ways to improve punctuality and total trips delivered. Take […]

Disruption and Cancellation Management

Enhance your real-time passenger information Providing the best experience in public transport requires accurate and reliable travel information. Keep passengers informed about journey changes using Ito’s advanced tools and algorithms. The Ito Transit Intelligence Platform can ingest timetable information in any format and enable you to create real-time updates on the fly. Keep passengers informed […]