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Our standardised, aggregated, global bike dataset helps power some of the world’s largest journey planners and mobility providers. Their users depend on Ito to deliver accurate, up-to-date information.

Read more about how Ito World is partnering with Apple and Google to make the world’s shared bikes discoverable.

We work with hundreds of individual bike share operators so that they don’t have to.


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  1. Send us a link to your system’s data
  2. Sign our license agreement (or provide your own)


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By providing access to your data, your bike share scheme will be added to our global bike share data feed. The location of your stations, the availability of your bikes, your prices, branding, rental app, website and other information will be published directly to millions of potential new users at no cost to you.


We have established relationships with multiple journey planners and map providers. We deal with them directly so that they don’t have to manage relationships with thousands of individual operators and handle multiple data formats, often in different languages.


The North American Bike Share Association recognises that cooperation between companies like Ito World and bike share operators is accelerating the adoption of bike sharing by new users.


We’re also helping to promote sustainable travel by making bike share a more integrated part of the public transit system.

Nope. It’s totally free.

We’re always working to expand the aspects of bike share data which we deliver to our customers. We’re interested in:

  • Brand features such as your scheme’s logo for our customers to display.
  • Deep links which allow riders to discover your scheme’s rental application or website.
  • Pricing information describing your fare structures, such as per-km and per-minute pricing.
  • System information, such as name, description, location and contact details for your scheme.
  • Station information, such as name, location, and the number and type of vehicles that are available.


We are not collecting information about your customer’s journey, trip information or any personal data.

We supply the data to major journey planners and mobility providers around the world.

We’re flexible. We can handle data in any format. Through our technology and transit data specialists, we systematically quality-assure and standardise the data we receive.

If there is a live feed of your bikes online, we want to connect to it – we’ll do the hard work required for this.

We only provide data to our customers for which we have explicit permission to use. Our customers expect a clear contract which states what the data we supply can and cannot be used for. Because of this, we provide a simple data license. If you already have an open data policy or would prefer to supply your own license, that’s fine too.

We understand that the availability and ownership of the data can vary by system and by city and that sometimes this can get complicated. We have experience working with all stakeholders within a bike share system and are experienced at resolving situations like this.

If you would like to discuss this with one of our transit data specialists, simply get in touch here.

We work with all operators big and small, docked and dockless. Our partner list increases each week and includes many of the world’s biggest operators including: Santander in London, Nice Ride in Minnesota, YouBike in Taipei, Donkey Republic in Copenhagen, Blue Bikes in Boston, Docomo in Yokohama, Deezer in Berlin, Veturilo in Warsaw, Vilo in Brussels, Citycycle in Brisbane, Citibike in New York, Relay in Atlanta, Ford Go Bike in San Francisco, Bixi in Montreal.




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