Data Visualisation

Turn your movement data into stunning visualisations.

  • Inrix New Year’s Eve

    We helped INRIX demonstrate its population analytics product with this award winning visualisation. Using data from central London on New Year’s Eve it illustrates the changing population over time.

  • Haven Gateway A120

    Illustrating the business case for improvements to the A120, this example explains complex infrastructure problems and delivers a clear message to senior decision­ makers.

  • OSM Year of Edits

    An entire year’s worth of edits made by the OpenStreetMap global community is shown in this captivating visualisation.

  • Inrix San Francisco Parking

    We combined data from multiple sources including parking transactions, real-time traffic probes and city information to help INRIX showcase its On-Street Parking product.

  • Inrix Road Weather

    We demonstrate how additional data from connected cars enhances the accuracy of INRIX’s Road Weather platform, allowing drivers to make better decisions. This compelling visualisation was used at Mobile World Congress 2016.

  • Highways England

    This visualisation combines multiple open data sets related to the strategic road network in England, presenting the data using a range of intuitive visualisation styles.

  • Inrix Roadway Analytics

    Key to the successful launch of Roadway Analytics, INRIX used this example to communicate the product concept and its benefits to their target audience.

  • Liftshare

    This visualisation shows the growth in popularity of Liftshare’s car-sharing between 2000 and 2014.

  • Ito Motion

    Ito Motion makes it quick and easy for anyone to produce striking informative visualisations such as this example of traffic simulation data.

ITO Motion

Your data in motion

Our powerful, intuitive data visualisation product simplifies the creation of high quality interactive data visualisations. Visualise your data, share your findings and tell your story, your way with Ito Motion.

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Traffic dispersing in a residential area in Washington DC.

Design Services

Our team will work with you to turn your data into striking, bespoke visualisations

We transform complex data into striking visualisations. We work with organizations ranging from global businesses to local governments. Whatever their size, all of our clients share a desire to transform complex concepts into easily understood visualisations.

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The European airspace network on a weekday.

News & Views

  • article 23 May

    Visualising movement data for transport planning

    Visualisation is a crucial tool in understanding and communicating data. Its use in transport planning is growing but remains a specialist activity, often reserved for higher profile projects.

  • article 17 January

    Ito World gives commuters the data they need and transforms it into stunning visualisations

    Public transport is a data-driven matter. People navigating complex cities —like London— often have to use several means of transport to get to their destination. Being able to rely on a stream of real-time information is key to planning their journey.