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We transform complex data into striking visualisations, helping you to share new insights, communicate your stories, and amplify your message.

Expertise in movement data

We combine expertise in advanced visualisation techniques, drawn from the worlds of film and gaming, with deep knowledge of movement data generated from people, vehicles, and simulations. Our visualisation specialists will work with you to find the most effective way to communicate your message.


Our visualisations are ideally suited to any situation where you need to understand and communicate temporal and spatial data.

  • Launch and promote data products and services
  • Communicate complex insights for new transport infrastructure schemes
  • Promotional videos for web, exhibitions and face-to-face meetings
  • Communicate with internal and external stakeholders
  • Content for annual reports and board meetings
  • Presentation of supporting evidence for budget approval

Tell stories with your data

We transform complex data into striking visualisations, helping you to share new insights, communicate your stories, and amplify your message.

0 Cars a minute see this billboard
  • Hyperloop + Ito World

    We synthesised population demographics along with drive time catchments to create state-of-the-art visuals that emphasised the advantages of Hyperloop’s vision for their first route between Chicago and Cleveland.

  • History of Bike Share

    Where did bike sharing begin? Who thought it up? And why? We break down the amazing history in this visualisation by the Ito World Design Lab.

  • America’s Busiest Bikes

    Meet America’s busiest bikes…the two-wheeled wonders that journey the furthest in four of the nation’s biggest cities. The Ito World Design Lab scoured bike share data in New York, Chicago, Washington, DC and Philadelphia in order to map the travels of the rides burning the most rubber.

  • Techstars – 10 Years of Investment

    Having seen impressive growth over the past 10 years, Techstars wanted to visualise their incredible success on a global scale, starting from their first accelerator in Boulder, Colorado, and showing the expanding network of programs across the world, bolstered with the growing accumulation of investors and startup weekend attendees.

  • Haven Gateway A120

    Illustrating the business case for improvements to the A120, this example explains complex infrastructure problems and delivers a clear message to senior decision­ makers.

  • Inrix San Francisco Parking

    We combined data from multiple sources including parking transactions, real-time traffic probes and city information to help INRIX showcase its On-Street Parking product.

  • Inrix New Year’s Eve

    We helped INRIX demonstrate its population analytics product with this award winning visualisation. Using data from central London on New Year’s Eve it illustrates the changing population over time.

  • OSM Year of Edits

    An entire year’s worth of edits made by the OpenStreetMap global community is shown in this captivating visualisation.

  • Inrix Roadway Analytics

    Key to the successful launch of Roadway Analytics, INRIX used this example to communicate the product concept and its benefits to their target audience.



Our visualisation specialists work to find the most effective way to clarify complexity and communicate your message. We combine techniques from the worlds of film and gaming, with deep knowledge of movement data.

  • Brief
  • Understanding your idea
  • Agree budget
  • Visualisation development
  • Visualisation design
  • Final delivery, static or video

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