Greater Cambridge Partnership, Citymapper and Ito collaborate to transform the way people travel around Cambridge

"By integrating real-time transit data into the Citymapper app, we’re helping commuters to plan their journeys with greater accuracy, convenience, and confidence. It’s all about making their journeys better which is why today’s announcement is so exciting."

Citymapper, which is available for free download for iOS and Android, uses real-time and local timetable information to suggest the best routes and accurately predict travel times in hundreds of communities worldwide. Cambridge journey planning is now available within the London option in the Citymapper app. The app incorporates a mix of buses, trains, walking, biking, and scooter options – offering users a mix of choices. Personalised routing features help travellers navigate any situation and find the fastest available route.

Liv Walker, VP of Operations at Via, who acquired Citymapper in April 2023, said: “We are proud to work with the Greater Cambridge Partnership to make transportation in Cambridge more efficient and accessible through Citymapper’s journey planning platform. Citymapper’s powerful technology now incorporates localised, real-time public transit data to enable an exceptionally accurate journey planning experience in Cambridge, which creates new opportunities for residents and visitors to connect and explore the city with confidence and ease.”

Along with real-time travel updates, the app also offers estimated time of arrivals (ETAs), giving users the ability to make informed decisions about their journeys. The app’s hands-free voice navigation works across multiple modes of transport, including walking, cycling and scooters. It provides real-time audio instructions that match the chosen mode of transport.

“Ito is proud to play a pivotal role in enhancing the commuter experience through our partnership with the Greater Cambridge Partnership and Citymapper,” stated Amy Bridge, Chief Customer Delivery Officer at Ito

"Our expertise lies in delivering high-quality transit data and intelligent software solutions. We’re delighted that our accurate and reliable real-time bus data has been integrated into the Citymapper app, which is great news for commuters who can now navigate their journeys more easily."

This collaboration resonates with various stakeholders, including corporate partners in Greater Cambridge. Dr Andy Williams, business representative on the Greater Cambridge Partnership Executive Board, commented “Businesses, whether big or small, rely on efficient transportation for their employees, suppliers and customers, which is why the integration of real-time bus data through the Citymapper app is so important.”

"Our commitment to enhancing accessibility for those coming into and travelling around the city is vital for the continued success of Greater Cambridge. This partnership and the others we are developing will significantly contribute to the overall connectivity and vitality of the Greater Cambridge area."

The GCP continues to champion innovation and collaboration in transportation solutions, envisioning a future where commuting is streamlined, convenient, and sustainable.

The organisation’s Innovation Prospectus invites forward-thinking companies who’d like to use Cambridge as a dynamic testbed to get in touch. You can work with the GCP on new pioneering projects to help shape the way we travel and improve daily journeys across Greater Cambridge. This could include better ways to manage the transport network, encouraging behaviour change or new modes of transport.

Innovators and tech firms with ideas that can make moving around Cambridge easier are being asked to get in touch with the GCP Smart team via email at [email protected].

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