BODS 7 May

Growth of the Bus Open Data Service (BODS)

On 7th January 2021, regulations came into force requiring bus operators in England to publish their real-time vehicle location data on The Bus Open Data Service (BODS).

This data visualisation shows how the service has grown from November 2020 t0 February 2021.

Each pillar represents the accumulated total number of unique vehicles recorded, each day, over the course of ~4 months. The height of the pillar is indicative of the volume of unique journeys whilst the intensity of the flash shows the daily additions to the service.

More than 100 operators have now met this requirement and the data can be accessed openly from BODS by anyone. All major ‘Big Five’ bus operators’ data is now available on BODS and this is the first time real-time vehicle data has been openly available at this scale.

The UK is at the forefront of opening up bus data.