Data Analysis and Insight

Intelligence for network performance and contract management

Set KPIs for on-time performance and evaluate the performance of each public transit operator, route and stop in your network. Use advanced filters to create reports at key timing points, first stops and intermediate stops to assess compliance with agreed-upon performance standards.

Track on-time performance

Set your own criteria for what counts as on-time, early or late for your transit operators. Monitor these KPIs over time and easily highlight underperforming areas with interactive maps and filters, sorted by time and day.

Monitor missed or incomplete trips

Quickly view which trips were missing from your operation and those that were partially completed. Dive into a stop-by-stop timetable view of each trip to identify the weakest points.

Hit replay

Historical GPS data can be used to monitor vehicle movements and driver behaviour to reveal any segments that were missed or driven incorrectly.

Evidence for corridor improvement measures

Make evidence-based investments in infrastructure. Track the performance of popular sections of road with multiple routes and transport providers. Use travel time and speed data to decide where to invest in bus lanes, traffic signal priorities and other infrastructure changes. Analyse historical data to measure the impact of any changes made to these corridors.

Resolve pinch points

Identify sections that pose challenges and make informed choices on where to place traffic signal priorities and other measures.

Discover problematic times and days

Pinpoint where and when performance dips, guiding your corridor improvement efforts.

Monitor changes to corridors over time

Use historical data to track trends in speed and journey time performance. Use these insights to evaluate the impact of any changes that were made and guide future plans.

Compare routes and transport operators

Access data for multiple operators and routes in one place. Easily analyse the difference in speed and journey time by route or transit operator.

Historical data for schedule optimisation

Ito aggregates data from many different public transit operators into one historical data model, making it possible to compare operators and routes in the same geographical region. Quickly find arrival times for specific lines and stops to identify patterns of early or late arrivals. Use this knowledge to identify pinch points, fine-tune your schedule and enhance network performance.

Analyse specific days, times and stops.

View performance data geographically for your chosen filters.

Easily export data into your scheduling system to build accurate schedules efficiently.

Effortlessly share data inside or outside of your organisation.

Feedback this information into schedule and network planning to improve passenger experience.