Passenger Information

Accurate data for journey planning & MaaS apps

Drive innovation and service excellence with high-quality transit data. We have long-standing relationships with journey planning giants like Google Maps. Together, we keep setting new industry benchmarks.

Get the level of detail and accuracy you need to keep customers loyal and drive innovation. We research, gather, enhance and aggregate scheduled and real-time transit information from diverse sources to provide a holistic understanding of the mobility landscape.

Provide your customers with the latest travel information, including disruption alerts and arrival time predictions, to help them make informed choices.

Complete and compliant

Benefit from our deep expertise in sourcing, combining and curating all transit data in your locale. We import worldwide standards: GTFS, GTFS-RT, NeTEx, SIRI and TransXChange, alongside bespoke legacy formats. We take care of data ingestion, alignment, deduplication and quality enhancement, so you can effortlessly distribute accurate and consistent transit information in a format that matches any downstream system.

Corrected and enriched

Add value to the passenger experience with transit information that has been corrected and enriched with great care. We are committed to providing accurate data that reflects reality, whether it’s by making minor changes like renaming stops or using complex disruption models to predict disruptions caused by expected and unplanned events. Services can be labelled accurately, vehicle signs corrected, and important station interchanges defined comprehensively.

Legally compliant

All Ito data is sourced responsibly, with appropriate licensing and usage rights.

Seamless Real-Time Passenger Information (RTPI) for digital signage and mobility hubs

Passengers expect accurate, real-time transit information. Miss the mark, and you risk losing their trust. Ito’s prediction engine powers real-time updates for leading global platforms, like Google Maps, and is the preferred solution for transport operators and agencies seeking to improve their real-time offerings. Ito can handle data in any format and combine information from different providers and systems to give passengers a complete and accurate transit picture.

Easy integration with signage providers

Share your schedule and vehicle location data in any format. We will transform it into a rich and accurate real-time passenger information (RTPI) feed that your signage or mobility hub provider can use in the format they prefer.

Accurate arrival time predictions

Enhance passenger trust with Ito’s intelligent prediction algorithms. We treat each vehicle as a real-time data source in the network. With this information and historical data, our arrival time predictions can be constantly updated.

Cross-journey predictions

You can rely on Ito to give you accurate arrival time predictions from the start of every journey, even if a vehicle is delayed from a previous trip.

Disruption and cancellation alerts

Quickly relay disruption and cancellation alerts to your digital signage provider. Regardless of the source – be it your Computer-Aided Dispatch/Automatic Vehicle Location (CAD/AVL) system or our own solutions, we make sure that all information is clear and consistent.

A single source of truth for passenger information

Seamlessly integrate with your downstream data consumers so they all use the same source of truth. Boost passenger confidence in public transport with consistent information on street signs, websites and apps.

Solutions to 'ghost buses' and disruptions

Waiting for a bus that never shows up is incredibly frustrating for passengers, particularly in areas with limited service. Tackle ‘ghost buses’ head-on with Ito’s advanced real-time matching algorithms and trip cancellation tools.

With real-time passenger alerts, Ito can efficiently manage any type of disruption.

Prevent misinformation

Avoid sending arrival time predictions to signage and apps when a scheduled vehicle is not actually running. Ito’s sophisticated algorithms match live vehicles to scheduled trips, so it only sends real-time updates when there is a reliable live match.

Create real-time cancellations

Quickly identify trips that are not running currently. Our system can prevent passengers from waiting for a vehicle that won’t arrive by marking these as 'cancelled' in the real-time data.

Allow passengers to plan ahead

Aware of staff availability issues in advance? Cancel trips and inform passengers ahead of time. If you have the right number of staff on the day, then simply re-instate your cancelled trips.

Alert passengers in good time

Expecting public works or special events? Inform passengers of anticipated interruptions through numerous communication channels, including social media. Target the disruption at specific stops and share tips on how to plan around it.

Insights for excellent customer service

Respond quickly and confidently to customer queries and complaints. Track every vehicle in the network in real time. The data is matched with schedules, past movements and delays to extract valuable insights. Quickly navigate this information to answer passenger questions about where a vehicle is or why it is late, for example. Your team can also verify details of complaints from passengers or other transport stakeholders.

Track live and recent vehicle movements

Monitor where all vehicles are in the network in real time. Check their recent progress on the route by using GPS data and view departure times at stops.

Analyse historical movements

Explore our comprehensive archive of historical vehicle movements, including GPS positions and times. Check the vehicle trail to spot where drivers have deviated from planned routes. View the on-time status of vehicles to identify areas where passenger service fell short.

Identify partially or completely unfulfilled trips

Review which scheduled trips were not carried out on the day, as well as those that were only partially completed. With this insight, you can make improvements to enhance the passenger experience.

Know which vehicles were at a stop at a specific time

Do you deal with questions from passengers who were at a stop but unsure which vehicle they boarded? Search for a stop and a time of day and see which vehicles passed through.