Transit Data Management

Open data exchanges to fuel innovation

Amplify innovation within the developer community by using Ito’s capability to provide an open data exchange with a suite of APIs or open data feeds. Enable third-party app developers to access your regional data and services with ease. By openly sharing your data, you drive innovation and bring added value to passengers in your area.

Open data portal

Our web-based portal provides both schedule data (available in GTFS or TXC formats) and real-time data (in GTFS-RT or SIRI). Features include user registration, access key management, documentation and support.

Developer API

Using an API schema that's easy for developers to adopt, this interface connects to the Ito Transit Intelligence Platform. It allows object-level access to schedule and real-time data (for example, stops and lines) for seamless integration with other systems. This API can be linked with the Open Data Portal or used internally.

Expert data aggregation to save time

Benefit from our deep expertise in sourcing, combining and curating all transit data in your area, saving you valuable time and resources. Ito can deliver a unified dataset for your city or region, including all operators and modes of transport – a single source of truth which is not readily available elsewhere. Complement this with a real-time data feed that covers the same agencies and operators for even richer insights.

Any format

Our platform can ingest data in any format, including custom data feeds. After being aggregated, data can be exported in formats such as GTFS, TXC, NeTEx, SIRI, GBFS and others.

All modes

We can combine data from all modes of transport in your area, from rail to bikeshare, and provide a single, accurate dataset to suppliers and technology developers.

Single source of truth

Ito ensures all downstream data consumers are using the same source of truth. This way, passengers won’t see different information on street signs, websites and apps.

Ito can handle the archiving of real-time and performance data for your transit operation, city or region. We take care of data ingestion, validation, quality assurance and archiving. This allows you to concentrate on using the data to enhance your transit services. The archived data can be viewed through user-friendly interfaces, APIs or as CSV exports compatible with downstream BI tools.