article 12 April

Introducing Ito Cancellations: Providing Passengers with Accurate, Real-Time Information on Transit Disruptions

Travel disruptions often lead to passenger dissatisfaction, and inaccurate or outdated information only exacerbates the problem. Ito World, a leading expert in transit data and technology, has launched a ground-breaking messaging tool to resolve this issue. Ito Cancellations allows operators and authorities to inform passengers of sudden and unexpected changes that may impact their journey.

“At Ito World, we understand how frustrating disruptions can be, and we’re committed to making travel as smooth and stress-free as possible,” says Deborah Kobewka, CEO of Ito World. “There are many variables beyond the control of transit operators, such as weather, mechanical failure, and labour action, that can cause unexpected schedule changes. With Ito Cancellations, operators and local authorities can inform their customers in real-time of any sudden changes to their journey, whether it’s a single trip or multiple trips. This significantly enhances customer engagement and improves the overall user experience.”

A message, once entered, will automatically flow to connected systems, and can also be posted on social media feeds. A detailed user management system ensures high levels of accuracy. It is suitable for various applications, such as a single transit operation, a city, or even region-wide, and messaging can be delivered to websites, journey planners, on-street signage and social media.

Ito Cancellations provides passengers with real-time information when they need it most.

  • Ensures quick, accurate, consistent journey updates;
  • Allows passengers to make alternative plans;
  • Improves passenger safety and convenience;
  • Boosts data quality by ensuring no ghost buses will be shown to passengers;
  • Enhances customer engagement and satisfaction levels.

Ito Cancellations is platform agnostic and requires only a static feed. Using data standards such as GTFS-RT and SIRI helps enhance inter-operability with other systems.

With Ito Cancellations, transit operators and authorities can minimise the impact of disruptions on passengers, helping to build trust and loyalty in their services. For passengers, the tool provides peace of mind and reliable information – all essential components of a positive travel experience.

To learn more about Ito Cancellations, contact [email protected]