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Ito researches, collects, improves and publishes diverse static and real-time transit information sources so travellers, cities and businesses can make better choices.

What is transit data?

If you’ve looked at a bus timetable, planned a rail journey on your phone or used public bikeshare then you’ve used transit data. These datasets describe the public transit services available to a traveller; where they can access transit, service routes, timings, and pricing. Transit data describes in real-time the progress of active trips, answering questions such as: Where’s my bus now? When’s the next train? Is it crowded? How long will my trip take? How much will my trip cost?

Who uses transit data?

Transit data is everywhere, from live bus arrival predictions at bus stops, and departure boards in train stations, to journey planning apps like Google Maps and Apple Maps. Ito World powers journey planners and Mobility as a Service providers with the highest quality data to enable them to deliver the best customer experience.

Why is data quality so important?

Transit data must provide as faithful a representation of the ground truth as possible. Any gaps or inaccuracies dramatically reduce the quality and reliability of a journey planner. Once this happens, travellers lose confidence in public transit.

Complete and Compliant

Ito source, combine and curate all data in an area, building a single source of truth for all modes of public transit in that locale. We import worldwide standards GTFS, GTFS-RT, Netex, SIRI and TransXChange as well as bespoke legacy formats. The data is ingested and aligned, removing duplication and raising quality, before providing a single, consistent version in a standard to match downstream systems.


Using simple automated tests, heuristics built from our decades of experience, and a team of passionate transit experts, Ito ensures our final product best matches the experience of travellers. From simple interventions like renaming stops, to complex disruption modelling based on expected and unexpected events, Ito’s goal is for our data to represent the ground truth as closely as possible.

Enriched and Passenger-oriented

Ito enriches the core service and timetable information with enhancements that add value for the user. We ensure that services are labelled accurately, vehicle headsigns are correct, there is branding detail and important station interchanges are comprehensively defined.

Measuring Quality

We measure the quality of transit data along 40 distinct dimensions, each of which has a direct bearing on the end-user’s experience. Knowing the quality at each stage of our production process ensures we can continue to provide the highest quality data delivery to our clients.

Provenance assured

All data used to build our city datasets are sourced under appropriate licensing that enables us to provide data to our customers with the appropriate right of use. We recognise the significant value provided by those transit operators publishing this data and work respectfully and collaboratively to support them in this process.

Proven Technology combined with expert people

Our technology has been processing a huge volume and variety of transit data from around the world for a decade. It is now both extremely capable and exceptionally rugged.

We couple this platform with a team of city transit analysts – experts with a passion for public transit. With decades of real-world operational experience this team understands the operational reality behind the data and is able to orchestrate the best from it.


We gather, enhance, and deliver schedule and real-time data in a single aggregated feed for an entire city.

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