Ito Transit Hub

Enhance passenger experience and operational efficiency by analysing, adjusting and distributing highly accurate real-time public transit data.

Discover problems in your network from the passenger’s point of view, using all of your historical data

Monitor your network in real-time and respond to problems as they occur

Notify your passengers of journey disruptions in real-time

Edit your operational data to ensure your passengers receive accurate information

Validate your data feeds in real-time, understand and resolve issues that will affect your passenger information before your passengers see them

Ingest and output data in any format, for all transit modes, via a range of data feeds and developer APIs

Predict when your vehicles will arrive at stops with a powerful RTPI system using sophisticated algorithms

Distribute data downstream to all passenger information touchpoints including on-street signage, social media and mobile apps

Ito Discover allows you to understand your network and diagnose problems as experienced by the passenger at any time in the past. These insights allow you to continuously improve passenger experience and ensure you can measure the success of any changes made to the network over time.

Delve into the details of network performance to understand pinch-points, real journey times, dwell time, and headway management issues via a map-based interface. You can even access the historical data via BI plug-ins to tools such as Tableau so you can combine 3rd party data and perform ad-hoc analysis.

Access key information about your public transport network on live operations dashboards allowing you to monitor your network and respond to issues as they occur.

Use Ito Monitor’s intuitive map-based interface to view all vehicles in your network in real-time. Interact with the map to see the punctuality, headway, average speed, journey time and delay of each vehicle. Graphs allow you to view headline metrics for your entire network throughout the day. Upcoming and in-progress disruptions are shown in the interface to allow you to understand how the disruption is affecting your passengers on the ground.

Keep passengers informed about all service disruptions in real-time with Ito Notify.

Seamlessly create, track and curate targeted disruptions as they happen, distributing to all downstream sources, including social media. Detailed user management system and review workflow enables use across all departments in an organisation. Information created with Ito Notify flows into Ito Transit Hub and out to passengers in real-time and can be used to provide context when analysing your data in Ito Discover or Monitor.

Ito Edit is a powerful web-based interactive tool which allows users to view and adjust schedule data so that your passengers are receiving information as close to the real-life experience as possible.

Ito Edit provides comprehensive data quality checks covering stops, lines, operators, and journey timings amongst others to highlight potential issues within the dataset. Users can then modify various elements of the data. This can be simple details such as adjusting attributes of a feature (e.g. a stop names or brand information) to much more complex changes, such as remodelling disrupted services or re-timing service patterns.

Ito Validate allows you to have the confidence that you are providing complete and accurate real-time information to your passenger at all times of the day.

Real-time vehicle information received by Ito Transit Hub is automatically matched to the most appropriate scheduled service. Allocation rates are monitored and presented to the user and a web-based dashboard provides further insight into current and historical feed quality issues. Users are proactively alerted to any issues including notifications on completeness, allocation, downtime and freshness of all real-time feeds.


Ito Transit Hub can be deployed as a managed service or as a SaaS platform

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