News 29 June

See what we’re doing in Sydney!

Ito World and Transport for New South Wales collaborate with Google to bring real-time transit information for Sydney and New South Wales to Google Maps.


Google Maps has just launched accurate and comprehensive real-time passenger information for train, bus, light rail and ferry services across Sydney and New South Wales. The information will help travellers in the region make more informed travel decisions and use the public transport network with confidence.


The project is a collaboration between Google Maps, Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) and transit data specialist Ito World. Google has engaged Ito World on transit data projects in cities around the world, such as London, and other key cities in North America and Europe, delivering enhanced static, real-time, and journey prediction data.


This project has involved combining and enhancing data from almost twenty different feeds from TfNSW, including schedule, and real-time, data. Ito World has integrated these into a single data source for Google that provides the best possible transit information. Ito World will continuously monitor the feed from its data platform to ensure that consistently high quality information is maintained.


“We are thrilled to provide Google with the best possible data for Sydney and New South Wales. This continues the work we’re doing in other parts of the world,” says Johan Herrlin, Ito World CEO.


Ito World


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