News 9 November

Ito World launches world’s first global bike share data feed


– Ito World’s bike sharing data feed curates and integrates the disparate data of bike sharing schemes around the world, providing a single high-quality real-time data feed
– Aggregated bike sharing data now available in a single feed, with users being able to see the data from London’s Santander Cycles and New York’s Citi Bike


9th November 2017, London – Today, Ito World, experts in enhancing and visualising complex mobility data to help solve global transportation challenges, have launched a global bike sharing data feed, the first product to provide a commercially available, global bike sharing data set as a single feed.


Ito World works with bike scheme operators around the world such as Santander Cycles in London and Citi Bike in New York to consolidate public bike share data and show the locations of the bikes and docking stations in real-time. Their mobility data platform, which is well-suited to deal with a variety of data formats, automatically quality-assures and standardises the data sets. It then delivers a single aggregated feed, for which the appropriate license agreements are already in place, that customers can easily integrate into their mobility solutions.


Johan Herrlin, CEO at Ito World, commented on the launch, “The global bike sharing phenomenon is showing no sign of putting on the brakes, and the UK’s cycling culture in particular, is booming. Since the launch of Vélib’ in Paris 10 years ago, the topic of urban mobility has become much more ubiquitous. We believe that in the future, bike sharing will be one of the key parts in a smart, fully-connected transportation network that transforms how people move around a city. We hope that our global bike share data feed will help make it easier to connect potential users with bike share schemes around the world, ultimately getting more people on two wheels.”


The global bike share data feed will help cities and bike share operators promote the existence, location, and availability of bike share schemes, encouraging greater use and adoption. It will put bike share options front-of-mind as users plan their journeys, helping to make all schemes easily accessible to all. The product is a big step towards making bike sharing a more integral and integrated form of mobility for citizens and visitors in cities across the globe.


Bike share schemes are proliferating in cities around the world and becoming an important part of the urban transportation solution. Public bike sharing schemes now operate in over 1,175 cities with 2,294,600 bikes on the streets 1 . In the UK, 17 towns and cities have public bike sharing schemes with another 5 in development 2 . The Bike Share data feed is the first non-public transport product to be launched by Ito World and forms the start of the company’s non-public transport mobility data product line.


Additional Comments


Mitch Vars, IT Director at Nice Ride Minnesota – one of the bike share schemes included in Ito World’s data feed – and member of NABSA (American Bike Share Association), said:
“Bike sharing has matured in recent years from something experimental to a key component of urban transportation in much of the world. Cooperation between companies like Ito World and the public and private operators of these systems is accelerating the adoption of bike sharing by new users. Standardization of bike share data will unlock even greater potential as the mode continues to evolve.”


Niccolo Panozzo, Development Officer at European Cyclists’ Federation, commented:
“We at the Platform for European Bicycle Sharing & Systems (PEBSS) are well aware of the great opportunity Smart Mobility represents for (Shared) Cycling. The new digital infrastructure we are building has the potential to place Shared Bicycle Mobility as a core element of urban mobility: we are advocating to gain political momentum, and are glad of the collaboration with Ito World to make it also technically viable.”