26 October


Proudly promoting equality and inclusion at Ito World and across the technology and transport industries


“If even one woman hears my story and thinks they could be a programmer that would be great. More than one would be marvellous.”

Ellen Potter, Development Lead Engineer, Ito World


Ito World champions diversity and inclusion not just because we know a balanced workplace makes for better results, nor because it is the “right thing to do” (even though we know it is), but also because, as a mission-driven company, we want to take an active role in changing systemic and societal issues for the better. To do that we need to take heed of, and listen to, all voices.

Our mission is to reduce pollution and congestion in urban environments. We deliver data and software solutions that make it easier for the public to discover and navigate shared transport options, such as public transport and micromobility. It has always been part of who we are as a company that we encourage people of all ages, genders, race, marital status and background to be part of the team driven to deliver our mission.

Overall, our purpose is to encourage change by sharing.  To tackle the realities of working in the technology and transport industries and the systemic gender imbalance issues within them; to share our own stories, and to let women seeking careers in tech, or in technology companies, know that many great businesses want and need them and their skills.

Curated under the #ItoWomen hashtag across our social channels, and here on our new #ItoWomen hub, we aim to do the following:


  • Amplify the voices and stories of the great women we have at Ito World, women who make up 27% of our workforce
  • Support the continued professional development and progression of our female employees
  • Attract more women to our workforce
  • Create an increasingly diverse and balanced workforce
  • Share best-practice, learnings and achievements


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