News 5 April

Kicking the UK’s car habit

In September 2018, Ito World launched The Mobility as a Service Manifesto: Smart data and accessing a city’s potential to share our vision for truly smart “seamless cities”, where transportation systems are built around the needs of citizens.

In Kicking the UK’s car habit we narrow the focus to Britain, asking how key stakeholders can drive a mobility revolution that will allow the country to move on from its toxic relationship with the car.

The UK’s dependency on the car is imposing major costs on society, in terms of lost productivity, pollution and poor health.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We look at some of the things that need to happen if we are going to shift to a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) model where shared, multi-modal and autonomous vehicles – working as part of an integrated data-driven system – will transform transport in our cities.

In short, we are asking how we can begin a healthier and happier relationship with mobility, one where our cities work more efficiently and become better places to live, for everyone.

In this document we set out our ideas for how we can achieve this change – but we also want to hear from you. We all have a stake in this critical debate about the future, so please get in touch with your ideas for how we can get the UK to kick its car habit.