Partner with Us

Unlock growth possibilities by working with a world leader in transit data

Tap into our deep expertise in innovative transit technology to access new customers and extend your products and services. Let’s work together to find creative transportation solutions for our customers. Join forces to grow faster and create a competitive advantage. 

We collaborate with different types of partners, including:

  • Technology providers
  • Consultants and transportation specialists
  • Channel Partners, Agents and Resellers
  • Referral partners


Explore partnership opportunities

Strong and long-term customer relationships are the foundation of Ito’s global success. Our goal is to collaborate with industry experts to maintain the highest level of service for our current customers and reach new ones.

Technology providers

Create joint innovative solutions for the transportation industry. Are you a CAD/AVL, signage, ticketing, payments, MaaS or fleet management technology provider?
We welcome discussions with technology providers who bring innovative solutions to the transportation world.

Consultants and transportation specialists

We acknowledge the important role that consultants and specialists play in the industry and value their work. Many of our large-scale implementations have been successfully completed through collaboration with both large consultancy firms or small boutique ones. Together, we can deliver cutting-edge planning and technology to optimise and enrich our customers’ transit networks.

Channel partners, agents and resellers

Local agents, resellers and channel partners are key to our go-to-market strategy. If you are interested in learning more about our offering and how it can benefit your customers, we would be happy to engage in a fruitful exploration process. We appreciate how working with the right partners in countries where we have not yet developed our network of connections is key to extending our reach.

Referral partners

Advocates and consultants with a wide network of prospects are of interest to Ito. We have tested partnership models that might be based on referral or finder’s fees, long-term revenue share agreements and other revenue-generating models to incentivise and reward the right partner, helping us to tap into a larger pool of customers.

“We use our Ito data to inform a range of transport planning applications – we really value that we have a consistent, coherent, and validated set of public transit schedules that are ready to use. We’ve been using the Ito data for a number of years, and previously we’d spend a lot of time manually combining, assuring, and cleansing different datasets. Now we’re able to spend more of our project time on answering questions for our clients rather than processing GTFS data.”
Nick Bec
City Modelling Lab Business Lead, Transport Consulting, Arup