Data Aggregation
and Quality Enhancement


Ingest, Aggregate, Enhance, Consolidate and Export your data.

Ito supports all data formats for both import and export. Improve data quality using the industry’s most advanced algorithms.

Ito’s data model technology is flexible and unique, allowing the combination of data from different sources and formats into a single feed that covers a city, region or country.  After evaluating the source data’s strengths and weaknesses, we intervene to improve data accuracy, richness and coverage.

These interventions are automatically re-applied at each successive update to ensure the best possible quality data is delivered.

Ito continually monitors and augments the data provided. Every update from the source undergoes our quality checks to ensure that we continuously identify issues, make improvements and prevent bad data from being fed into customers’ systems.

Be the go-to source for trusted, real-time transit information. Our world-class prediction engine extracts the maximum information from the source data in real time, while machine learning algorithms compare historical actual arrival times with predicted arrival times to further refine prediction accuracy. Our flexible model enables us to generate predictions or pass through predictions from the source.

Set the bar with accurate, real-time transit intelligence.

Empower your users to find the quickest, safest route from point A to point B, no matter what. Ito is a trusted source of accurate real-time data for global journey planners like Google Maps. This data allows users to compare mobility options, plan routes and receive live updates.


Simplify the complex

Access diverse, multimodal transit data from various agencies and operators in one unified format.  Ito imports and aggregates international standards GTFS, GTFS-RT, NeTEx, SIRI and TransXChange, along with customised legacy formats. 

Offer a complete information source

Be a one-stop source of information, from fares and departure times to disruption alerts and live vehicle positions. Ito’s enriched data goes beyond the basics, adding value to every journey.   

Ensure accuracy

Deliver data that’s always accurate. Ito constantly monitors data to ensure quality by fixing stop location and sequencing errors, removing duplicate stops and trips, adjusting schedules for holidays, maintenance, planned disruption and more.

Prevent confusion

Keep data in sync with reality. We ensure bus displays match journey headings and provide detailed information about platforms and station entrances. Our system automatically detects and corrects any errors to prevent confusion.

Lead the way with live predictions and data excellence

Provide advanced real-time arrival predictions.
Access aggregated and corrected data.
Thoroughly evaluate your data for accuracy, richness and coverage.
Take advantage of continuous data health monitoring and timely adjustments as needed.