Network Management
and Service Optimisation


Use world-class data to power accurate insights into the performance of your transit network. Aggregate different datasets to view the network performance across an entire region.

Leverage machine learning technologies to monitor and understand the quality of your static and real-time data. Identify and automatically guard against recurring static data quality issues.

Keep your passengers updated on any changes or cancellations to their journeys using sophisticated tools and algorithms.

Network performance can be analysed using a map-based interface that displays journey times, punctuality, pinch points and missed trips. View live and historical vehicle movements from anywhere in your network. Access the historical data via APIs so you can combine your transit data with other third-party data and perform ad hoc analysis.

These actionable insights can help to optimise your network performance, improve the passenger experience and increase ridership.


Make decisions based on world-class transit data

With Ito as your data quality partner, you can be confident your insights and analysis are based on the highest quality datasets available. Ito takes a forensic approach to data quality to aggregate diverse datasets, improve them, and consistently maintain the data model. This saves you time and provides a comprehensive view of your network performance.

Improve the passenger experience with real-time and historic insights

Track live vehicle locations and address problems as they occur. Use historic data on trip times, driver routes and more to understand and resolve issues that impact the passenger experience. Your customer service team can also use these insights to address customer queries and concerns efficiently.

Monitor network performance

Measure on-time performance, journey times, pinch points, missing trips and other KPIs. Compliance with contractual agreements is made easier and schedules can be modified to reflect real-world conditions.

Make evidence-led infrastructure investments

Analyse data on speed and travel time in your corridors to make decisions on bus lanes, traffic signal priority and other improvements that promote equitable access to transport in underserved communities. Assess the impact of these changes by comparing performance data pre and post implementation.

Keep passengers informed

Share live vehicle locations, real-time arrival time predictions and prompt service updates with riders. From social media and on-street signs to MaaS apps and journey planners, be sure to broadcast this information consistently across all channels.

Earn customers’ confidence and trust

Give passengers advanced warning about major planned events like sporting fixtures, stadium concerts, maintenance and work zones. Keep them updated on unplanned disruptions as they happen. Give passengers a service they can depend on, no matter the circumstances.

Eliminate ghost buses

Don’t leave passengers stranded waiting for no-show buses. The combination of our world-class engine for journey matching and arrival time prediction, along with trip cancellation tools can help prevent ‘ghost buses’ and boost service reliability.

Unlock richer insights

Track real-time and historic vehicle movements.
Visualise data with a user-friendly, map-based interface.
Combine transit data with third-party sources via APIs for in-depth analysis.

Streamline journeys with smart communication

Share disruptions and alert passengers in real time.

Use our advanced prediction algorithms to provide passengers with accurate arrival times.
Distribute data in any format to any system, including on-street signage, websites, social media and journey planning apps.