Professional Data Services


Transform complex transit data into accurate, timely information for passengers, partners and strategic decisions. Ito collects, curates and corrects the transit data you need, across all modes, operators and real-time data sources. Eliminate errors and costly data management with one source of truth for your transit landscape.ย 


Ensure data accuracy

Take advantage of the same data quality enhancement protocols trusted by our large-scale journey planner clients. Ensure your data is accurate and matches real-world passenger experiences.

Save time and effort

Enjoy the ease of receiving your data as an aggregated GTFS file or in your preferred format via APIs and data feeds. For real-time insights, we can convert your Automatic Vehicle Location system data into your preferred standard.

Enhance accessibility

Empower partners and innovators with open data access through our platform. Seamlessly feed data to street signage systems, MaaS apps and other software providers for maximum utility.ย 

Consistent and accurate information for all

Accelerate transit decisions with open access to consolidated, real-time data.
Deliver uniform information to everyone: passengers, MaaS app providers, data analysts and more.
Let us worry about complex data integration challenges.
Easily export data to your preferred third-party system (such as BI, CRM or ERP).