• article 7 July

    How Tech Will Transform Our Public Transport System: Are Uber Buses Driving Our Way?

    Recently Citymapper trialled a smartbus which they hoped will help revolutionise London’s bus service to respond in real time to passengers’ needs – like an Uber for buses. The trial used a tool they developed called Simcity, that suggests routes which would best accommodate passengers using data analysis of demand.

  • video

    Ito World Design Services Showreel

    We transform complex data into striking visualisations, helping you to share new insights, communicate your stories, and amplify your message.

  • News 9 November

    Ito World launches world’s first global bike share data feed

    Ito World, experts in enhancing and visualising complex mobility data to help solve global transportation challenges, have launched a global bike sharing data feed, the first product to provide a commercially available, global bike sharing data set as a single feed.

  • Brochure 31 May

    Transit Data brochure

    Transit data as close to the real-life experience as possible.

  • Brochure 29 May

    Data Visualisation brochure

    Share new insights, communicate your stories and amplify your message.

  • article 1 May

    Traditional thinking won’t work

    A recent report found that a reluctance to share knowledge and data could cost the transport industry £14bn by 2025. We spoke to Johan Herrlin, CEO at ito World, a global data aggregator for transit and other Mobility as a Service…

  • article 5 January

    The future of transport? Shared services built on data

    Mobility as a Service has the power to change the way we travel. Ito World CEO Johan Herrlin shares what’s driving the movement forward, from smartphones to autonomous vehicles, and the critical role that data – especially open data – can play

  • News 29 June

    See what we’re doing in Sydney!

    Ito World has partnered with Google Maps to bring transit data to Sydney

  • Whitepaper 8 June

    Ito Transit Hub

    Ito Transit Hub transforms your operational data into a single source of highly accurate passenger information allowing you to deliver consistent information through all channels.

  • Whitepaper 5 May

    Ito Transit Data methodology

    High quality, fit for purpose public transit data is an important component for providing Mobility as a Service (MaaS). If the transit data is wrong, or does not closely match the reallife experience of the traveller, the promise to provide a seamless multi-modal journey quickly shatters.

  • Whitepaper 3 July

    Choosing a transit data provider, 5 factors

    We are at the start of a period of rapid change in the transportation industry. Technology and societal preferences have enabled the movement towards Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

  • video

    Inrix New Year’s Eve

    We helped INRIX demonstrate its population analytics product with this award winning visualisation. Using data from central London on New Year’s Eve it illustrates the changing population over time.