Case studies 26 November

Visualising the value of big data with cap hpi

The challenge

cap hpi are automotive experts whose data, combined with their knowledge, experience and expertise in the motor trade, enables them to create award-winning products, all powered by a unique code that connects the entire automotive industry like never before. Used by motor trade professionals for over 75 years, their extensive dataset and unique understanding of the market help businesses of all shapes and sizes manage risk and increase profit.

Every year cap hpi host an event for vehicle manufacturers that showcases projects that they are working on, where they can host industry talks and lift the lid of the business in a relaxed environment. This year was their 80th Anniversary, so they really wanted to do something particularly special.

The solution

The Ito World Design Lab developed a visualisation to help show off how valuable cap hpi’s data is and how they’re using it in new and exciting ways. The team created a series of map-based animations throughout the United Kingdom using techniques such as; aurora choropleth maps, animated arcs and routed light trails that helped demonstrate the scale and reach of cap hpi’s dataset throughout the country, ultimately showing how they can provide insight into everything from specification of vehicle to cost and car history.

The results

Using cap hpi’s knowledge of where the most popular car brands are being sold, Ito World created a stunning visualisation that maps the location of transactions for Audi, Vauxhall and Ford using beautiful arcs with the volume of sales linked to the intensity of the arc.

Ito World’s visualisation brings to life a number of cap hpi’s capabilities: it lays out routes illustrating how far people are willing to travel for some of the rarest cars in the world; hones in on where car purchases from Leeds originate by visualising the journeys from the origin of sale; and provides detailed insight into the ranking of average number of previous owners per census geography, which are then visualised with beautiful auroras using different colours and colour depth intensity to signify brand and volume.

In all, Ito World were able to help cap hpi visualise their vast datasets by and emphasise the depth and scale of their knowledge. The video was used at presentations and events and hosted on their website.


Having seen the work from Ito World on their Instagram page, I knew we should engage with them on a project that would look amazing on our big screens at the event.



Despite tight deadlines, Ito World delivered on time to a very high standard. The communications were perfect, clear, concise, organised, and not at all intrusive.



We received a lot of very positive comments at the event as the visualisation took viewers through a story – explaining car trends in the UK. It provided the wow-factor that we were looking for – leading to lots of interesting conversations around how else we can use data to help clients.



I’d thoroughly recommend Ito world to anyone who would like to visualise their data to help bring it to life – it was a real pleasure to work on the project with the team. Thank you!


Mark Barrett – cap hpi