Mobility as a Service
and Journey Planning Providers

Empower travellers to use public transport

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) empowers communities to use their full range of local transport services. Public transit is the backbone of these services. When travellers plan their journeys and the data is wrong, they have a poor user experience. Negative perceptions of service reliability can lead to a reduction in ridership and loss of revenue. 

Ito takes a forensic approach to data quality, delivering data that is as close to the real-life experience of the traveller as possible. With Itoโ€™s unique technology, people and process approach, a consistent and comprehensive dataset is optimised for journey planning. Ito’s data services bring together diverse data sources, delivering insights and functionality to improve public transport accessibility through innovative MaaS offerings. A recognised global leader, Ito delivers data that powers some of the largest journey planners in the world, including Google Maps, in major cities across five continents.