Transit Agencies

Efficiency in motion: boost performance, ridership and revenue

Disparate data sources and different practices across depots can create challenges for transit agencies. Multiple suppliers and legacy systems can add an extra layer of complexity to creating a single source of data truth. To streamline operations and improve the rider experience, unlocking the potential of data is key.

With Itoโ€™s enhanced data and insight tools, keep everyone up-to-date and stay in control. Use data-driven evidence to maximise the benefits for your riders. Analyse current and historical performance to identify issues, improve routes and schedules, and direct resources and investment to achieve the greatest impact.

Track vehicles in real-time, accurately predict arrival times, plan better and enhance scheduling accuracy, to optimise service efficiency and maintain passenger loyalty.

Above all, ensure passengers receive timely and accurate information for safe and convenient travel. Communicate this information consistently across all the channels they use to plan their journeys.