Data in motion

We solve transportation challenges across the world by delivering real-time transit data feeds for journey planners and a platform for transit authorities & operators.

Ito Transit Data

For journey planners & MaaS

Capture the real world experience with accurate data

We combine sophisticated algorithms, machine learning, and a team of transit professionals to give you the most accurate data possible.

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Ito Transit Hub

For cities, authorities, & operators

A complete system for managing passenger information

Ito Transit Hub transforms your operational data into a single source of highly accurate passenger information allowing you to deliver consistent information through all channels.

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Data Visualisation

For movement data

At Ito World, we’re experts in visualising movement data

Our visualisation tools and design services will give you new ways to see and understand your data to help drive decisions and engage stakeholders.

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Locations of buses around downtown LA during a weekday afternoon rush hour.